Container Gardening Offers Limitless Options

  There are several advantages for growing plants in containers.  Containers can be placed a level that allow easy access for those with physical limitations.  The environment of the plant can be changed by moving the plant from sun to shade.  For homeowners that do not have a large yard, … Read More

Growing Potatoes in a Container

By Pat Naughton  Shamrocks are commonly associated with St. Patrick’s Day. There is another plant with more impact on the Irish people than St. Patrick’s shamrock, potatoes.  The potato blight which began in 1845 resulted in the death of one million people and two million people emigrating.  For many Irish-Americans … Read More

Moving Plants Indoors

By Pat Naughton October is a good time to begin to prepare outdoor plants for moving indoors for the winter.  First check to see if the plant has any unwanted insects like aphids, mealybugs, and spider mites.  It might be a good idea use a hose and wash the plant … Read More