Master Gardener, Ellie Bierman, published an article on ‘Pruning Roses and What You Need to Know’ that gives an excellent overview on how and when  to prune all types of roses. Ellie’s article has been submitted to numerous newsletters and newspapers.

Transplanted Garden Newsletter January 14, 2016

Roses: The best time of the Spring to give them their annual pruning is on or near Valentines Day.  This is when you can also give them their first feeding for the season.


Here is an interesting article taken from a well known Rose vendor–Heirloom Roses. It discusses how to select roses for your garden. Very timely as we are inundated with plant  catalogues for the spring.  This  second article is helpful  if you are planning to add a rose garden and tips to successful planning.

Did you buy a new rose plant or order a bare root rose? Witherspoon Roses have put together a step by step information page on planting your roses correctly.  Click here to follow.

February is the time to prune your roses in our area. Witherspoon once again has provided us with everything we need to do to prune correctly. Read more here before you start.

Since Knock-Out Roses are  handled a bit  differently, read about pruning this popular southern rose here.

Ellie Bierman, Past Rose Garden Chair