Check out this information packet of  how to deal with storm water runoff including plants that tolerate wet bottoms.

Rainscaping: Water Resources Research  Institute

NCSU Extensions page on Backyard Rain Gardens

Information on Backyard Rain Gardens here that includes:

  •  Common Rain Garden Questions Answered
  •  Quick Steps to Building a Rain Garden
  •  Additional  Information

More detailed information from NCSU Extension  on rain garden construction as well as information on how to find the perfect location.

Plants and Ponds: Managing Ponds for Aesthetic and and Environmentl Enrichment

You’ll need plants for your rain garden that will  thrive in our climate and soils and of course are native. Check out this list for Brunswick County.


Extensive information about Managaing Water Runoff, Rain Gardens, Pond Management, and  Native Plants for these areas can be found here at the Extension page on becoming a Low Impact Homeowner.

Clemson Rain Garden Plants Introduction

Clemson Rain Gardens  Manual