The Restitution and Community Service Program has worked hand in hand with the Extension Master Gardener Volunteers of Brunswick County for many years. The work areas (hoop house, green house, and other outbuildings) shared have been paid for by the Juvenile Crime Prevention Council (JCPC) of the State of North Carolina for the designated and mandated Restitution and Community Service of the youth of Brunswick County. Children (ages 6 to 17) are referred to the program from Teen Court, Peer Court, Juvenile Justice, and District 13 Courts among other sources. We rely on volunteers from the Extension Master Gardeners to assist in educating, mentoring, and supervising these children. Children are taught how to propagate plants, plant identification, and pruning techniques among other tasks. Our on site program is held Saturday mornings from 8am to Noon. We welcome new volunteers and request that anyone interested complete an application.

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