Upcoming Master Gardener Training Class

Dear Fellow Gardeners, Do you want to join a network of passionate gardeners in Brunswick County who are dedicated to learning and sharing research-based information, enhancing our communities through horticulture, and connecting people with the benefits of gardening? We invite you to join us by becoming a Master Gardener℠ Volunteer! … Read More

Demonstration Garden Open House October 22

Dear Fellow Gardeners, The Brunswick County Extension Master GardenersSM Volunteer Association invites the public to its Third Annual Open House on Saturday, October 22, 2022, from 9:00 AM to 12 Noon. The Botanical Demonstration Garden is in the Brunswick County Government Complex at 25 Referendum Drive (next to Building N) … Read More

Day in the Yard Program Starting Soon

Begins October 10, 2022, for 7 weeks of Zoom classes followed by the taped class for you to watch if you missed the class or re-watch for deeper understanding. Dear Fellow Gardeners, Our popular Day in the Yard program is set to begin Oct. 10. For the cost of $75, … Read More

Backyard Salad by Pat Naughton

Chickweed is a typical weed found in landscapes. It makes a great base for the salad. The flowers, base, and stems are all edible. When the flowers are in full bloom, it is at its best state for eating. It tastes a lot like spinach. Redbud trees are native and … Read More

Propagating Woody Ornamental Plants by Pat Naughton

You don’t need a greenhouse to propagate your favorite perennial. All you need is a small cutting, rooting medium, rooting compound, and a plastic bag. The four main types of stem cuttings are herbaceous, softwood, semi-hardwood, and hardwood. The terms reflect the growth stage of the plant. This is the … Read More

Native Plants by Pat Naughton

There are many interpretations of what is a native plant. A simple definition is a native plant is one that was growing in the region before European settlement. A problem with this definition is there is no way of knowing for sure what was growing here 400 years ago. The … Read More

Shelton Herb Farm, More than Just Herbs by Pat Naughton

The Shelton Herb Farm is not your typical century farm. A century farm means it has been in the same family for over 100 years. The farm has been in the Goodman family since 1867. Margaret Shelton acquired ownership of farm from her great-grandmother, after whom Shelton is named. Since … Read More

Native Groundcovers by Pat Naughton

Fresh mulch looks great in a landscape. It’s a lot of effort toting bags and spreading it. Woodchip mulch is flammable. Fire-wise communities discourage the use of mulch adjacent to homes. Groundcovers are low maintenance and low flammability. These native groundcovers are a good alternative to mulch. Groundcovers for Sun … Read More

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