Holiday Decorations Using Yard Plants

By Pat Naughton

Bring the beauty of the backyard to your table to brighten up the holidays.  Evergreens, pinecones, and bright berries can be used to make colorful centerpieces.  Here are a few decorations made from plants in my backyard.

  Set the stage for a centerpiece with a ring of ferns.  Start with wire or a wooden hoop and secure ferns with green florist twist tie.  The ring below was made with a base of Holly Fern with Autumn Fern placed on top.

 This centerpiece is filled with pinecones and clear glass Christmas bulbs with sprigs of pine tree sprouts placed inside.  A few branches of Viburnum draw attention down to the bowl.

Add a little light to the centerpiece by placing tea candles in a bowl of water.  Holly leaves and Camelia leaves placed at the bottom and around the top provide a nice green base.  Bright red berries from a Holly tree or Yaupon bush can be floated to give it a bit of holiday color.  If these berries are not available, then cranberries can be used.  This centerpiece was made in November when a few flowers were still in bloom.  It has Camelia, Azalea, Peaches Drift Rose, and Scarlet Sage.


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Invite your guests to the table with swags on the backs of chairs.  Prune a couple of pine branches full of long needles.  Flatten the branches out by placing them underneath a heavy door mat.  Tie the branches together with green florist wire.  Finish it off by fastening a purchased bow to the branches.

For more decorating idea be sure to check out the Supply Senior Site calendar for Pam Duncan’s demonstration on holiday decorations using yard plants.