The Extension Master Gardeners of Brunswick County offer a unique horticulture class for Brunswick County residents. The class provides the basic knowledge needed to maintain a yard and garden in our coastal plain of North Carolina

This class is shorter and less expensive than the Extension Master Gardener class and contains less science and more “how to” content.  Entitled “A Day in the Yard”, the course is offered for people interested in learning more about maintaining their yard and garden but not able to commit to the full responsibilities of becoming an Extension  Master Gardener. 

Cost: $85.00 for the 7-week course. Price includes a copy of “Gardening by the Month in Coastal Carolina,” a publication of the Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Association of Brunswick County. This book was updated in January of 2017. Funds are used to promote research-based horticulture practices in Brunswick County and to assist in designing and maintaining portions of the Brunswick County Botanical Gardens in Bolivia.

The topics for the 7 segments are:

Week 1 – Soil and Fertilization

Week 2 – Lawns and Irrigation

Week 3 – Woody Ornamental and Pruning

Week 4 – Annuals, Bulbs and Perennials

Week 5 – Insects and Disease

Week 6 – Vegetables, Herbs and Fruits

Week 7 – Native Landscaping

To learn more about this Extension Master Gardener Program contact Krys Ochota, Horticulture Prog. Assist./MG Coordinator at kochota@ncsu.edu. or you can call the Cooperative Extension office at 910-253-2610.