Swamp Hibiscus, Hibiscus coccineus,  aka Scarlet Rosemallow or Texas Star is a native to the southeastern coast, growing in wet areas of Zones 7-10. Texas Star is an herbaceous perennial blooming in mid /late summer to early fall with each blossom lasting only 1 to 2 days  They grow  up to 12′ tall and 4′-6′ wide in full sun. in wet and mildly acidic soil but can grow in normal garden soil if watered often.

To keep the plant smaller and more compact, pinch back early  growth to encourage a bushier plant. After frost, cut back the stalks.  Cuttings may be rooted for spring planting . Seeds planted early bloom first season or divisions of plant clump.

Great for butterflies, bees & birds.

More information at Clemson and   Missouri Botanical Garden