Since 1979 North Carolina State Extension Master GardenerSMVolunteers have been guiding homeowners in making environmentally sound decisions in their gardens, lawns and landscapes.
Extension Master Gardener Volunteers work with NC Cooperative Extension to provide gardeners with unbiased, research based information on gardens, lawns and landscapes and to provide answers to the challenging environment of gardening in southeastern North Carolina.

Several MG’s traveled to Bald Head Island where the BHI Conservancy gave a tour of the island highlighting native plants.  This was the largest tree on the island.

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Spring is blooming as we prepare for our upcoming Spring Plant Sale, April 12 & 14, 2018 from 9AM – 3PM.  The sale will be CLOSED Friday April 13 to allow for restocking of some of the most popular items.  Sale info on www.bcmgva@gmail.com.


Integrated Pest Management

Traditional pest control involves the routine application of pesticides. IPM, in contrast focuses on pest prevention and using pesticides only as needed. IPM programs take advantage of all appropriate pest management strategies, including the judicious use of pesticides. Read more here.


Extension Gardener

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ncnps_logoOur mission is to promote the enjoyment and conservation of North Carolina’s native plants and their habitats through education, protection, propagation, and advocacy. Check out the website to learn of speakers, plant ID, and native plant events.  Read more about Natives using our links here.

Pollinator garden challenge

The Million Pollinator Garden Challenge (MPGC) is a nationwide call to action to preserve and create gardens and landscapes that help revive the health of bees, butterflies, birds, bats and other pollinators across America.Register your garden through the Pollinator Partnership and be added to the map in support of the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge. 


 Begin planning your garden with the Basics of Butterfly Gardening, from the North American Butterfly Association. Learn which native plants are suitable for butterfly gardens in your location, with Regional Butterfly Garden Guides.